LIVE stock, crypto and forex prices all in one place! 

Free up your phone and monitors, and keep your eye on the markets and your portfolio right on your desk.

Like a lot of people, I took up stock trading during 2020. I quickly became fed up of constantly having to open apps up on my phone just to "keep an eye" on what was going on with the markets. I felt there must be a better way. I wanted to bring the Times Square stock tickers to my desk, and assumed something must already exist for consumers. It didn't. 

A lot of engineering and software development later, and here you have it - The Stock Cube

The smartest and most versatile stock and crypto ticker you can buy. 

3 high resolution LED displays allow you to show more information than any other ticker on the market, and with over-the-air software updates your Stock Cube will just keep getting better.

At just 5.5inches cubed, you get all the information you need in a form factor that fits perfectly on your desk.

We are currently working on our product launch plan - please keep checking back here, or follow us on Twitter, and be ready to buy your Stock Cube in late 2024!

The Stock Cube does not offer financial or investment advice. It should not be used to inform trading decisions.