How to use your Stock Cube

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How to use your Stock Cube

  1. Set up your Stock Cube using the setup dongle (instructions below)

  2. Power on your Stock Cube

  3. Put your Stock Cube into Setup mode (position 0 on the mode switch)

  4. Plug the setup dongle into the Stock Cube USB port

  5. Once setup is complete, and your Stock Cube says "Let's go!" - push the mode switch into either user mode (I and II)

  6. Away you go!

  7. Repeat this procedure whenever you want to change your Stock Cube setup

USB setup tool

  1. Plug in the Stock Cube USB stick to a computer (Windows or Mac operating system). This computer MUST be connected to the internet to use the setup tool.

  2. Double click on the "Stock cube setup" application (SCSetup_Windows.bat for Windows, SCSetup_Mac app for Mac)

  3. This will open the Stock Cube Setup utility (this can take a couple of minutes when used for the first time - please be patient!)

    • Please note: the Stock Cube can only connect to Wifi networks with WPA or WPA2 encryption - not WEP!

  4. From here, you can set up your Stock Cube Wifi network, Finnhub API key, and Stock Cube display options, as well as uploading your Watchlist and Portfolio information

  5. Click the "Save setup" button whenever you are ready - if you have missed any vital information a warning box will let you know!

USB setup tool walkthrough